2C for ART

Ian Davenport, Claude Charlier, Florian Fausch, Helmut Grill, ROBERT INDIANA, JOSEPH KLIBANSKY, MEL RAMOS, ANDY WARHOL


2 Years of 2CforArt

Fine art exhibition "2Y2C“ at Gallery 2C for ART in Salzburg

In this fine art exhibition Gallery 2C for ART in Salzburg looks back on 2 years of tight exhibition history.

At Gallery 2CforArt you will find artworks by American Pop Art Heroes next to works by mid-career-artists as well as upcoming artists.

The dutch new media artist Joseph Klibansky creates dreamy images of cities. Klibansky’s main points of departure are architecture and the city, particularly the accelerated, compressed and densely populated urban environments of the 21st Century. Highlight of the show are high-end quality prints by Andy Warhol, among others Warhol´s Flowers, Turtle and Bald Eagle.

Another Pop Art icon who has his roots in advertising is Robert Indiana´s “The Book of Love”, a complete set of 12 prints and 12 poems.

Ian Davenport is is one of the pre-eminent young abstract British painters of his generation. 2CforArt presents screenprints and etchings of his early Ovals series and his latex color plan series which are the counter part of Davenport´s Puddle Paintings in terms of prints.

Mel Ramos´most popular prints will be part of the show: Snickers, Caramello and Hav-a-Havana.