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Dieter Huber


Fine art exhibition "Airborn“ with Dieter Huber at Gallery 2CforART in Salzburg

Gallery 2CforART is starting the new season with the exhibition „AIRBORN“ by Dieter Huber. The opening is taking place on Friday, September 26 at 18:00. The artist will be present at the day of the opening.

Dieter Huber is deemed to be a pioneer of computer-generated art. Dieter Huber: „New subject matter also demands an appropriate form. Painting in itself is obsolete, photography is antiquated and computer works are standard. We live, entangled with constrasts. We are the transition, we are hybrids.“

In aviation terminology, AirbornXX describes the moment in which a flying object lifts off from the ground (the double X stands for the minute of the launch process). This key moment most probably triggers a wealth of associations in all of us, whether we are keen flyers or flight phobics: the dream of flying, the legend of Icarus or Jesus´ascension. Dieter Huber´s series „AIRBORN“ comprises 60 pictures of aerial bonding by treating flying, the lifting-off from the ground, the apparent triumph over gravity – as a symbol of transition.

With the AIRBORN cycle, Dieter Huber is blazing new trails in technological terms, since his computer-aides paintings (CAPs) add an exciting chapter to the venerable book of painting. Sketches and photos are the starting points on the computer sketchpad which are nurtured to artistic maturity with the aid of a pressure-sensitive pen. Once this intermediate digital stage is completed, Huber prints out the image as a work in progress – with non-fade acrylic paints on canvas. But he does not stop here: this „rough version“ undergoes a further reworking in oil paints and special pigments, and a dammar-resin varnish in the „Renaissance style“, as the artist explains. Huber even speaks of a classical panel which shimmers iridescently back and forth between a computer work, photograph, and painting. Indeed, the large-format paintings are testament to a striking pictorial handwriting and a flamboyancy completely lacking in the majority of what is termed „media art“. All 60 AIRBORN pictures are one-offs.

Born in 1962 in Schladming in the Austrian federal state of Styria, Dieter Huber lives and works in Salzburg and Vienna. His projects about manipulation, genetic engineering, joy or individual and social transformation have been presented in international exhibitions around the world and placed in well-known private and public collections.


Friday, September 26 at 18:00
The artist will be present

Length of the exhibition: until November 8, 2014

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday 10:00 – 14:00