2C for ART

Deniz Alt

Beautiful Disaster

Fine art exhibition "Beautiful Disaster“ with Deniz Alt at Gallery 2CforART in Salzburg

After the exhibition „Airborn“ Gallery 2CforART presents works by the Frankfurt based German artist Deniz Alt. The opening with Deniz Alt is taking place on Friday, November 14 at 18:00.

Deniz Alt was born 1978 in Aschaffenburg near Frankfurt. He graduated at the famous „Städelschule“ in Frankfurt. With the exhibition „BEAUTIFUL DISASTER“ Deniz Alt questions the inconsistency of people´s sensory perception and relates it to his main topic of cultural memory. While the viewer of his works is confronted with the suffering and the fate of the Ottoman Armenians, especially the Armenian women and their lives around the year 1915, he simultaneously focuses on modern life of our times, combining the Today with the past.

In picturesque reduction Alt captures the „past modernity“ and the pace of our life. Exaggerated figures and architecture are dominating as well as the colors black and white as a symbol of good and evil, of light and darkness, reflecting the contradictions of our social perceptions within our environment.

Since the age of 10 Deniz Alt, German-Turk with Armenian roots has dealed intensively with the fate of the Armenians in the lost Ottoman Empire. The early works still painted in an expressive manner, in his current works he depicts his protagonists as distorted, blurred figures who drew their last breaths. are Nevertheless Deniz Alt consciously exaggerates the figures and makes them look unreal. The monochrome background form an interface to his abstract paintings. The portraits have almost comic-like features.

The selected works exemplify the discussion of the issue and reflect his own personal sense of beauty. But Deniz Alt´s paintings are not mere reproductions of contemporary or historical values or events. He also follows up the question of shaping his own identity and society´s identity.

Besides Deniz Alt is working on his landscapes which he discovered as a new genre in itself and which adds to his figurative work. These landscapes deal with, as his figurative paintings, the concept of cultural memory.