2C for ART

Otto Piene

Das Bild ist ein Kraftfeld

Fine art exhibition "Das Bild ist ein Kraftfeld“ with Otto Piene at 2CforART in Salzburg

From September 30, Gallery 2CforART is presenting works by Otto Piene in Salzburg, including selected limited edition prints and unique works. The opening is taking place on Friday, September 30, at 18:00.

Otto Piene was born in 1928 and founded the world famous ZERO movement in 1958 together with Heinz Mack which has been on everyone’s lips in recent years. Otto Piene’s art knows no boundaries. Any material, any medium, any substance could be part of his art.

His artistic engagement with the element of fire began in the late 1950s. Piene described it as cooking artworks: He worked with candles, open flames and smoke, colored, painted canvases or paper sizes were set on fire, the result were fascinating amalgam of fire crust and color field paintings. His enthusiasm for the playful, not calculable in handling the fire was characteristic during his creative life.

In addition to fire Piene has also put the elements of air and light, and ultimately earth as ceramic into artistic center. Piene was one of the most radical artists, because he leads the art back to their roots. With simple means, paper, some color, a match Otto Piene was able to create beguiling new artistic phenomena, and they are unique in the art world. Otto Piene died on July 17, 2014 in Berlin, one day after the opening of its Berlin exhibitions.