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Deniz Alt

Parallel Vienna

Alte Sigmund Freud Universität

Deniz Alt

Dark Romanticism – Romanticism of Human Evasion

In texts, installations, paintings and drawings, Deniz Alt addresses the genocide of Armenians in 1915. At that time, the Ottoman Empire expelled and killed numerous Armenians and Assyrians. To this day, the Turkish government does not recognize this as a genocide. Alt learns from it: history repeats itself. “This frightens me as a person,” says the artist from Frankfurt.

“Why do we humans always change between geniality, fright and madness?” Alt wonders how people deal with ambivalence, why they find no balance, no mutual understanding. His installation is called “Dark Romanticism”, which he designed for Parallel Vienna.

Deniz Alt comes from a German-Turkish family and has Armenian roots. His recent works he displays the protagonists as distorted blurred figures, which dissolve in timelessness. Alt feels with the persecuted Armenians. In poems and memoirs, he ponders what people must have had in their minds when they were facing death. His paintings are based on the texts. Among other works, the canvas, frozen in ice, symbolizes the transience of being.

Again and again Alt comes to talk about current events in the world and in Germany. In addition to IS terror he thinks of child poverty in Germany, the refusal of refugees or the death of the student Tugçe in Offenbach. “Dark Romanticism” stands for the attraction of violence, the dark, the ambiguity of man.

The protagonists of the works are mainly women. Alt displays them as strong people. In conflicts, in which the men are radically exterminated, it is the women who hand over their culture to posterity. “Women are fighters and symbols of life,” says Alt.

He is a graduate of the Städelschule in Frankfurt. In the coming year, he will bring the genocide theme to an end. However, he wants to remain artistically in the region and devote himself to the history of the Gezi Park in Istanbul.