2C for ART

Helmut Grill


Fine art exhibition "Sceneries“ by Helmut Grill at Gallery 2C for ART in Salzburg

In this exhibition Gallery 2C for ART in Salzburg presents artworks by the Austrian artist Helmut Grill. With his digital compositions Grill guides the viewer through perfectly composed landscapes between dream and reality. The opening with Helmut Grill is taking place on Friday September 27 at 18:00.

Helmut Grill was born 1965 in Salzburg. Since 1991 he fully devotes his time to the arts, leaving behind his previous profession as a “digital manipulator” of advertising visuals. Quickly understanding that a wide horizon inspires his work Grill started to explore different urban environments. Over the last 21 years he has learned a lot about his individual, conscious and subconscious approaches to values and emotions that influence his thinking. These conclusions about his inner priorities, threats to his ideals and anxieties have pushed him to search for ways to express the conflict of imminence and protection.