2C for ART

Deniz Alt, Ian Davenport, Florian Fausch, Dieter Huber, Joseph Klibansky, Heiner Meyer, Mel Ramos, ANDY WARHOL


Studies / Drawings / Limited Edition Prints

Fine art exhibition "STUDIES“ at Gallery 2C for ART in Salzburg

Gallery 2CforART is starting the year 2015 with a group show featuring the gallery artists, showing their studies, drawings and limited edition prints. The opening is taking place on Friday January 23 at 18:00. Florian Fausch and Dieter Huber will be present at the day of the opening.

Drawings are often perceived as the most authentic output an artist creates. The intensity of a drawing can create a world of emotions in the viewer ́s mind. The viewer feels the bold and the undisguised as natural. As a first concrete step towards a painting a drawing anticipates composition, colour areas and perspectives.

A limited edition print is a work on paper where the actual creation oft he work used the mechanics of a printing press and one of a variety of techniques. The artist determines the size of the edition, all individual prints bearing the artist ́s signature. In our exhibition we are showing etchings, screenprints and lithographies.